Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wassim immigrated to the United States at 13 years old to pursue the educational career his parents always wanted him to have. And although education was always an option for Wassim, he never had a passion for it. So, after three years of studying for an engineering degree, he decided to leave it all behind and become a partner at Axe Elite in October 2020.  

Discovering Axe Elite and the no-limit formula designed for people like himself, who have always had that entrepreneurial fire within them, was the golden ticket Wassim had always wanted.

Throughout his journey at Axe Elite, Wassim has accomplished many individual feats. Such as becoming the fastest Director of Sales in company history, becoming the top-selling producer in 2021, being recognized as the Senior Executive of the Year in 2021, and winning multiple prestigious awards such as the Young Hustler and MVP awards. However, he takes much more pride in the accomplishments of his team and partners than he does in his own.

Becoming a team leader and developing top producers is no easy task. But, by learning from the best, he was able to duplicate his talents and help his team improve financially, mentally, and emotionally. His team's accolades have been a much more fulfilling feeling for him than any personal awards.

He is the founder and team leader of Alpha Consultation and has led them to become a top-producing team numerous times. His team played a pivotal role in helping the Pantheon branch within Axe Elite become the top-selling organization in all of 2021—another one of his many accomplishments.

Wassim aspires to leave a legacy for his family and show his generation that it is possible to become successful without school through the world of business, leadership, and sales.

Outside of work, Wassim enjoys spending time with his mom and going out to dinner with friends. His goals are to grow Axe Elite into one of the largest and most impactful organizations worldwide; to give back to his mother; to unlock his inner potential to better the world and those around him.