Coming into the most Competitive industry at 18, sales. Ruffon Milner has made it second nature to adapt and develop every day.  

At 21 years of Age, Ruffon has used every tribulation and set back to propel him into the position he is in now. He doesn't come from a silver spoon or rich family, but he was determined to ensure that this wasn't where his story ended. 

After receiving multiple college offers and being accepted to business schools in Rhode Island, Ruffon hungered for more. Although he thought he had his future thought out, the picture was still blurry. After deeply analyzing his future and what path to take, he understood going to school for 6 years would not allow him to possess the right vehicle that would help and accomplish his true fulfillment of achieving his dreams and goals.  

Ruffon longed for freedom from the “Norm”, wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself and anyone else involved. He wanted to become unified with a mission, involving like-minded individuals working toward greatness. He knew that this couldn't be accomplished from a 9-5 or building someone else's dream while putting his own on the back burner. 

Knowing technology and sales were the driving force in the world's economy, Ruffon knew he needed to find a way into that world. A week before he started college, he filled out a few job applications to replace his retail sales job at Eblen's.  

This was when his life changed in ways he didn't imagine. A company called Axe Elite gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity with no limitations. An opportunity that allows you to provide other people opportunities to change their lives.  

Once given that opportunity, Ruffon has been able to become a top producer and top 10% of producers in the company, build a team called Team ACE that does over $100,000,000 in contracts sold a month and is a main pillar in production for our sales force. He also has allowed others to branch off from his team to duplicate what he has been able to do.  

Ruffon knows that if he never gives up, he can never fail so he lives by the quote “Even when my hard work betrays me, I will never betray my hard work.” And that is why he will be able to acquire anything and everything he locks his focus on.