Coming from trying to make it running an online business as a Hip-Hop producer while working dead end restaurant jobs to support that vision, Matthew ‘Money Matt’ Anduha has come a long way.

He’s gone from being an unhappy dishwasher with the typical “broke artist” story, to becoming a dominant force at Axe Elite as a Sales Consultant, winning multiple contests, multiple awards, and becoming a top producer in the process to now having the proud title of Senior Executive.

Growing up, Matthew always believed that he was meant for more than the average life.

If you were to ask what helped get him to the Senior Executive position quicker than most, he would tell you that the key to his success has been having self-belief and a true desire to help others improve their quality of life and sales skill.

Although his self-belief has been shaken many times, it has never been broken.

His thick skin and resilience are a testament to the many challenges he has faced throughout his life and as an entrepreneur - Even before launching his subsidiary at Axe Elite, Paragon Solutions - one of his most proud accomplishments thus far.

He would say the sky is the limit, but there are no limits.