After graduating from Manchester High School in 2019, Manuel Rivera felt the pressure that most young people his age have felt from their parents - which is going to college.

He always knew he was meant for more, but, despite his burning desire to unleash the inner greatness within him, he never knew how to release it. College was never his passion, but he had no other blueprint or mentors to follow. Manny knew that he was capable of becoming more and did not want to settle for the regular 9-5.

Bigger than not having any other path to follow, he did it to make his mother happy. His mother left all her friends and family behind in Colombia to come to the United States and give Manny the opportunity at a better life.

While attending college, he quickly learned how challenging the real world could be. Working in the restaurant industry to make ends meet, Manny felt devalued as a dishwasher and later as a manager at his local Taco Bell.

Two years later, June, 2021, Manny was presented with the opportunity at Axe Elite. He was accepted into the opportunity, and within a month of working at Axe, he decided to drop out of college and pursue a career in business and sales to become the best version of himself.

His journey within Axe Elite was not easy; he faced many struggles and obstacles that would break the will of others. But, through his resilience, he overcame and rose above the challenges. He has accomplished many awards in his journey: consistently being a top producer, becoming a Senior Executive in 2022, winning multiple prestigious awards such as Young Hustler, and MVP, and also winning the Miami and Puerto Rico contests.

He has played an integral part in taking Team Alpha and The Pantheon Organization to the top of the chain and is just scratching the surface.

His goals are to retire his mother and give her a life she never has to take a vacation from, as well as be able to have an impact on others and change others’ lives no matter what race, religion, or culture they come from just like Axe Elite and his leaders have done for him.