Leonardo Gutierrez was born in Hartford, CT and grew up in Manchester, CT. To provide a better life for themselves and future kids, Leonardo’s Mother and Father migrated from 3rd world countries, Mexico, and El Salvador.

After graduating High school, Leonardo worked in the fast-food business for a little over 2 years, and just like many young adults at his age, Leonardo found himself stuck and desiring more out of life. When the opportunity arose, Leonardo was given the Golden Ticket where he had the opportunity and one chance to work at Axe Elite and break through the generational curse.  

Without an ounce of doubt and disbelief, Leonardo immediately jumped in and never looked back. Ever since, financially, Leonardo has never been in a better position, his life has made a complete 360-degree change. Axe elite has allowed him to expand his mindset and attain growth when it comes to personal development.  

Leonardo currently holds the position of Senior Executive and Team Leader within Axe Elite.  Apart from many trophies Leonardo holds on his belt, he holds plenty of accolades in the company, such as “3X Top Producer”, “Back to Back Top Producer “, “Young Hustler ”, “ Rising Star “, ” Emerging Leader of 2021“, ” All-Star Team of 2021 ” and Winner of the March madness Puerto Rico contest.

Leonardo is in love with Winning, wants nothing but to see himself and his teammates win and acquire true success. In Office Leonardo is best known for his relentless mindset, and the outstanding work ethic that has propelled to become a Top Producer

Leonardo’s mission to become one of the best agents in the office, while helping other individuals change their lives, providing his son the lifestyle he deserves.