Born in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in Wallingford, Connecticut, Joseph Verlezza holds the Senior Executive Position, where he currently leads one of the strongest teams in the company, Team Luxe.

Before stepping into the doors of Axe Elite, Joseph had great managing experience on the retail and restaurant industry. Carrying 2 years of managing experience, Joseph took his skill set to Axe Elite and in no time after polishing and sharpening his abilities, he quickly grew into a leader within Axe.

Within his time at the Axe Elite, Joseph has demonstrated the ability to be a top producer while leading his team to success. Joseph has reached many accolades that only few have been honored to be recognized; such as the “Axecuter”,  “MVP”,  and being inducted into the New Leaders Organization

Joseph possesses great strength when it comes to building relationships and connecting with his team.

Joseph’s main goal is to retire his mother and provide his family with everything they need to have the enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle they deserve.