Born in Hartford, Connecticut, James was exploring a future in engineering at UCONN. James was pursuing a degree in computer science engineering to follow the path that his parents set out for him. After a year in that field, he realized he wasn't passionate about that path.

School to James always came easy, and he was constantly seeking a challenge in which he could grow. Here is where James and Axe Elite met one another, chosen for an opportunity where he would have no cap on his income and the ability to unlock his potential within the business world.

Like anything extraordinary in life, it never comes easy. Throughout his journey within Axe Elite, he has overcome many challenges to become the person he is today, one of the top producers within our organization that has accomplished many accolades. James is currently a Senior Executive and has achieved awards such as the Young Hustler, MVP, Axecuter, and the All-Star team award.

His purpose was to retire his parents and provide them with a lifestyle they couldn't have, as they both came from a third-world country. He plans on giving his future children a life of abundance.

James is a Team Leader at Alpha Consultation and focuses on creating the most out of the development and growth of new partners on his team. His main goals are to impact others that also want more out of life and to have them fulfill the opportunity of being financially free.

Out of work, James enjoys exercising, playing the guitar, and producing music.