Emir Ademovic was selected by Axe Elite for a Sales Associate position in February of 2019. Emir started his career as a Sales Associate but quickly moved up to Sales Consultant while becoming a top producer at the firm. In 2020, he advanced into leadership positions such as Senior Executive, Director of Sales, and today Vice President of Sales.

Emir has the largest team in the office. He is responsible for leading his sales team to meet and exceed sales goals. His primary focus is hiring and developing people, creating, and executing sales strategies, elevating brand awareness, increasing market share, and fueling immediate business revenue and profit growth.

Emir’s mindset is driven by helping people make money, save money, and overall be in a better position. In his career, Emir has achieved the Black Mamba Award in 2019, the Executive of the Year in 2020, the Director of the Year in 2021, and has achieved numerous Top Producing Organization awards in his four years of experience.

“Those who think they can, and those who think they can't, are both usually right”.