Damir Stojcevic was selected by Axe Elite in the summer of 2020, during the peak of the Covid pandemic. Damir is now the 7th longest member at the company and has achieved the position of Senior Executive in the short time that he has been with Axe Elite.

Damir’s main goal is to make an impact in his community and family, by setting the bar on what is obtainable when going all in. He has recruited many key figures and top producers at the company and is looking to now expand his own team and build another branch within Axe Elite.  

Damir has the previous experience of working in many environments where time was traded for money, and understands that in today’s day and age, that is no longer a feasible option. If you are looking to achieve your biggest dreams, you need to create a stream of income for yourself that is consistent whether you are putting in the time or not.  

With the mentorship of his Vice President, Emir Ademovic and CEO, Albert Shakhnazarov, Damir knows he is in pole position to provide for his loved ones and community. Just like his partners, Damir believes in the vision of Axe Elite and how it is going to revolutionize the way people should feel and operate at work. “Work shouldn’t feel like a job, but rather a place you feel passionate about and truly want to give your all to see the business succeed.”