After immigrating to the United States at 13 years old from Moscow, Russia, with no fluency in the
English language, as well as no family or friends in the States, Albert Shakhnazarov has constantly found ways to transform the tribulations presented to him over the course of 16 years into accolades and achievements.

Using years of disbelief from his educators and employers to fuel his efforts, Albert began working at the young age of 14 years old where he developed an unquestionable work ethic that acted as his impetus to continuously strive to find a better opportunity than the one presented to him. Eventually, Albert stumbled upon a sales position where he was able to thrive and become a top producer after many years of dominating his sector. His continual advancement led to becoming the Vice President of a dedicated AT&T Solution Provider call center, leading it to become the number one center nationwide.

At 26 years old, after taking numerous telecommunications companies in the tristate area to
unprecedented levels of success, Albert wanted to push beyond the ceilings imposed by companies he had worked for previously. Thus, Axe Elite was born.

Albert’s main goal was to create a company where your attitude and effort truly matters; he wanted to provide an opportunity to those who have always been overlooked, to those who may have had an average skill but phenomenal will. With this vision, he constructed a company where one is entirely in control of how quickly they move up, how much they earn, and most importantly, a place where they are able to attain financial stability and time freedom.

Albert has taken his determination and relentlessness to lead the next generation of young, elite
entrepreneurs through Axe Elite, with the mission of inspiring and servicing 100,000 new entrepreneurs nationwide by 2030, which starts with making one person better today.

In his free time, Albert cherishes his time with his two children, Milah and Leonidas, through constant
adventures. Just as well, he enjoys date nights with his wife at every chance he gets. Albert has been a fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) since a young age and has been a loyal supporter of the Real Madrid soccer club since the age of five years old.